At AXIS Staffing, we want to be your staffing partner of choice. We understand what you need to meet your performance goals and build your business, and we work hard to help you do just that.
Our process is a targeted approach that focuses on finding a diverse pool of talented people with the experience and expertise necessary to succeed at your company. Below are the steps we take to bring you the best:

  1. An initial search is conducted within our extensive data base of Candidates
  2. A targeted call/networking search is conducted within the current marketplace to identify Candidates not presently in our database
  3. Redefinition and clarification of the job criteria is conducted
  4. Numerous calls and reference checks narrow down the search
  5. Matching process begins
  6. Presentation of our top Candidates
  7. Re-referencing and further verification of Candidates’ backgrounds, education, achievements and more
  8. Interviews are scheduled
  9. Follow-up communication is conducted with all parties involved
  10. Second and third interviews are arranged
  11. Offer of employment is negotiated and presented
  12. Successful placement is achieved
Confidential and timely results are always guaranteed. Contact AXIS Staffing today.